Covid 19 | Bahumat

Covid 19


Md. Harunur Rashid

O country men, here is a virus, stay at home

To save you, place yourselves on lockdown

Clean yourselves frequently to fight the virus

This is only the way to protect from attacks


Covid-19 is a disaster and warning for  all

That is responsible for death and downfall

The way of the virus dwells in a man

who touches a guy possessing it instant


Landed on earth  lt is still unfetted

It is still on the world un prevented

The virus is on and go on its wheel

No supper power  could stop it still


No arms and bombs can stand in its way

Blessing from almighty may take it away

social distancing is   best to resist covid-19

that keeps the men in isolation and quarantine


Are they solutions  to combat corona virus?

Or how long will it stay in us as a curse ?

Corona virus dubbed as covid-19 as well

Wrecked havoc causing noticeably swell


Give up all bad instincts from your Hearts

Do not cherish any pride as being  leaders

what are sins are to be shun  wholeheartedly

Cleanliness is second to Allah to live safely

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