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Hasina for democracy

Hasin a for Democracy

Md. Harunur Rashid

The way God  bless thee, you have been chosen

It’s only your love and affection we have gotten.

As beloved daughter of our The father of  nation

Your presence in  us has given a new dimension


To serve and take the country to a degree height

You are working out a plan  keeping it upright

You aim to reach the nation to a high  elevation

Taking the dream of The father as precondition


As Jononetry You have acquired a crazy habit

To work for development and give a push to it

People is an item of  your development event

In which they involve to set your achievement


You’re making access to the highs, overs  on seas

For connectivity’s your agenda what people needs

To feed the aspirations of the people as a whole

As a leader you’re keeping up fighting for us all


Sincerely we’re proud of what and who you are

As being born as Bangali you’re a Bangali forever

The nation is standing on this goodwill and united

Which brought independence, making us liberated

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